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You are never the only one with questions! 
You might even find your question among the most frequently asked questions below: 

  • Who can apply?
    Students from any Swiss University can apply! If you're from a Higher Education Institution (Haute École / Fachhochschule) you are also welcome to apply! You don't need to have a team or an idea. You just have to be curious about entrepreneurship and willing to learn.
  • Where will the program take place?
    This might be subject to changes, but we hope to meet physically at different relevant locations in the Swiss startup ecosystem. We will have two cohorts in Switzerland (one in the East and one in the West).
  • What prerequisites do I need for the program?
    You must only be enrolled at a Swiss university and be curious about entrepreneurship and willing to learn! You do not need to have a team or an idea yet.
  • In which language will the program take place?
    The program will be held in English to encourage cross-university and international connections.
  • Do I need an idea and a team to apply?
    Not at all! All you need is a curiosity for entrepreneurship and a strong motivation to make an impact and willingness to learn!
  • Can I apply if I already have an idea or if I already have a team?
    Yes, you can come into the program with an idea and/or a pre-formed team. You will go through all stages together with the other cohort members to again deep dive and stabilise your team and idea. We are looking for bright minds who are open to the process and ready to grow further. You should bring an openness to accept more team members if sensible and pivot your idea if necessary.
  • Can I participate in the program while I am in my studies?
    Yes! This is exactly what the program is designed for. We want to help you find synergies with your studies and enable you to successfully explore the entrepreneurial career path while pursuing your degree. At graduation, best participants have laid a stable foundation and can confidently decide for the entrepreneurial career path.
  • Does Talent Kick take shares from me when I found a startup?
    No, we do not take any shares from you. The program worth around 15'000 CHF is completely free for you. We are funded by Swiss foundations interested in the development of the Swiss ecosystem and the education of the next generation of entrepreneurial minds and leaders.
  • Can I go on exchange during the program?
    After the first semester, you can combine a semester abroad with Talent Kick. With Swissnex as our strong global partner, you can also receive support abroad!


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