Why should you apply?

Join our excellence program and find outstanding co-founders from other disciplines to lay a stable foundation for your entrepreneurial career during your studies. 

Talent Kick is a highly selective, cross-university program that will help you find an interdisciplinary co-founder team and together get hands-on experience in the entrepreneurial career path during your studies. At Talent Kick, you are enabled to form a stable team and a strong bond with your co-founders, develop a direction, and validate first ideas hands-on. During the entire journey, you will receive 1:1 personal coaching, get a broad overview, and deep immersion into the Swiss start-up ecosystem. We will support you in broadening your network, navigating the ecosystem to prolong your runway, and finding synergies.
If you show great momentum, you will convince first supporters and receive first funding.

Application process

5 Sept 2022

Portal Opening

Oct 2022


Nov - Dec 2022

Test, Pitching session and Interview for selected applicants

Jan 2023


Feb 2023

Program start for the Spring 2023 Cohort

Who can apply?

If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but you do not have the perfect team or idea yet, Talent Kick is for you!

We are looking for the best entrepreneurial talents in Switzerland...

Excellent academic track record

Team player with leadership ability

Master or PhD Student


Entrepreneurial mindset

Strong desire to make an impact

Do you have the potential to become the next successful entrepreneur?

Before Talent Kick the entrepreneurial world was so far away and starting a company was a huge obstacle to take. Talent Kick took away the boundaries. I got in touch with the ecosystem and understand much better how startups work. My dream of founding my own company now is much closer.

How to prepare for Talent Kick ?

Get to know yourself, your values and what drives you

Be proactive and create opportunities for yourself and others

Test your assumptions by talking to as many people as possible

Be ready to invest energy in your entrepreneurial journey

You still have questions ?