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Talent Kick is a highly selective, cross-university program over 2 to 4 semesters until your graduation that will help you find an interdisciplinary co-founder team and combine your study with an entrepreneurial journey.


The 1st semester is designed around Bootcamps, events, workshops and coaching which will enable you to form a stable team and a strong bond with your co-founders, develop your leadership skills, get a first direction and prepared you to be in the driving seat for your entrepreneurial journey. The most successful students will get initial funding and move to semester 2 - 4.


The 2nd to 4th semesters are focused on building your network, getting valuable input from experienced entrepreneurs, executives, potential customers, investors and experts to validate your first ideas hands-on, using synergies with your studies and connecting to further programs and funding sources to prolong your runway.

At the completion of the program the best participants will have...

Ideas validated

Funding secured

Co-founder secured and/or company founded

Immersed in the Swiss and international entrepreneurial ecosystems

Runway extended through other support programs Swiss-wide & from global program partners


During the first program semester, in our hands-on bootcamps and events, you will work on achieving the two Milestones of (1) forming a stable team and (2) convincing a successful entrepreneur as your mentor.  Furthermore, in 5 individual 1:1 coaching sessions that will continue in semester 2 - 4, you will learn to lead yourself, lead others and lead change.

CE = Cohort Central

RO = Cohort Romandie


Bootcamp 0


6 hrs - in person

Bootcamp 1

CE - 28.02.2023

RO - 27.02.2023

What makes a good

6 hrs - in person

Bootcamp 2

CE - 16.03.2023

RO - 14.03.2023

What makes a
good team?

6 hrs - in person

Workshop 1


The idea doesn’t

2 hrs - Online

Event 1


Team bulding

2 hrs - in person

Bootcamp 3

CE - 03.04.2023

RO - 05.04.2023

Problem deep dive

6 hrs - in person

Workshop 2


Problem exploration
& system thinking

2 hrs - Online

Milestone 1


Team formed

6 hrs - in person

Bootcamp 4

CE - 21.04.2023

RO - 20.04.2023


6 hrs - in person

Workshop 3 - Part I


Market opportunity

2 hrs - Online

Workshop 3 - Part II


Market opportunity

2 hrs - Online

Bootcamp 5

CE - 10.05.2023

RO - 12.05.2023

Convince others

6 hrs - in person

Workshop 4


Pitching clinic

2 hrs - in person

Event 2


Steering committee
& partners pitching

2 hrs - Online

Milestone 2

July 2023

Mentor convinced

Event 3

Beg. July 2023

Peer pitching

2 hrs - Online

Event 4

End. July 2023

Strategy board

2 hrs - Online


Event 5

Beg. Oct 2023

Build a team

Over the first semester you will get the toolsets to...

Build a team

The program will help you find a co-founder with complementary skills. Thanks to the many universities participating in the program you will be able to find people with technical, business, medical and in various other backgrounds.

This multidisciplinary and in-depth approach will allow you to build a solid team to start your entrepreneurial adventure.

Develop yourself

Coaches will help you individually on your personal development journey. You will start with a personality test and receive support in overcoming challenges and refining your strengths. You set your goals and schedule your 1:1 sessions individually with your personal coach to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Find a mentor

You will convince an entrepreneurial mentor to help and guide you through the founding journey with their experience. They are founders themselves who went through the journey successfully only a few years ago. An entrepreneurial mentor has...

  • 4+ years experience in a startup leadership position

  • Last hands-on experience less than 4 years ago

  • Openness to potentially give seed investment

  • Regular touch-points with you, typically on a weekly basis for the mentor-mentee relationship to be intensified

Get initial funding and validate your idea

After achieving the last milestone and if you succeed to convince a mentor and our jury your team will received the Spark Kick of CHF 5'000. It will allow you to get into a hands-on mode and validate your ideas over the remaining semesters.


To benefit best from the 1st semester it is necessary to count approximately 2 to 6 hours of investment per week for program components and additional time invested proactively in growing your own development further.

Semester 1

In these eight months, we were able to adapt our product in a very dynamic way, based on the inputs gained from talks with potential customers and the knowledge provided in the Bootcamps. I think our biggest achievement this year was realizing how central the customer is to find the right solution


Receiving the Spark Kick you are ready to leave the structured part of the 1st semester and validate real opportunities with your team and mentor. Until you finish your studies we will support you on your individual journey of validating your ideas, gaining experience, using synergies, immersing in the startup ecosystem and getting ready to decide for the entrepreneurial career path at the end of your studies.


During this period, your team will grow more independently with your mentor and coach while the Talent Kick team will be there to help you navigate the many options the Swiss startup ecosystem offers.

Over the 2nd to 4th semester you will gain hands-on experience in...

Using master, internship & exchange synergies

Finding programs and funding to prolong your runway

Growing your network 

Collaborating with potential customers, investors, and entrepreneurs

To benefit best from the 2nd to 4th semester you are mainly driving your own development with your mentor and coach. Plan approximately 6 hours per semester for close exchanges with the Talent Kick team to help you with your individual needs in growing your project.

Semester 2 - 4


At the end of the program, you will have laid a stable foundation to confidently decide for an entrepreneurial career path after your studies and become an emerging entrepreneur in Switzerland and beyond.

Talent Kick graduation

Research grants

Accelerator programs


Founding your company

First investment round

Check out the previous cohorts


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