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  • Team forming: Each one of us is originally from a different country and studies at a different university. We joined Talent Kick individually, but after several meetings together we quickly realized that we share multiple common interests and ultimately, we were more than eager to embark on the new journey collectively. Many brainstorming sessions followed and we investigated diverse problem areas across several industries. We see enormous potential in the emergence of hybrid work and we are keen on shaping its future.

  • Vision statement: To shape the future of work by supporting hybrid teams in keeping their members up to speed with their daily tasks.

  • Biggest Achievement: The Talent Kick Program has exposed us to so many inspirational entrepreneurs. Having started the program without knowing each other, we are incredibly thankful and proud to have established such a strong bond within the team. We are determined to continue our journey as aspiring entrepreneurs together.

  • Next Step: We are in the process of finding the optimal product-market fit by talking to multiple first potential customers and partners.


We are developing an application that manages virtual meetings with seamless documentation functionalities, useful content overviews, and AI-generated meeting summaries. With our meeting assistant, we empower the next generation of hybrid working teams.


Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth


The Team

Seoyeon Yun, Co-Founder - PhD (EPFL)

Manuel Studer, Co-Founder - MSc (ETH)

Mak Fazlic, Co-Founder - B.Sc (USI)


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