• Team forming: We all unknowingly went to the same high school, but only actually met through a Unicorn Labs Hackathon weekend, where we built an MVP of a marketplace for microservices. In the end, the MVP was not developed further, but the hackathon brought the team closer and showed us that we had a good dynamic between us and complementary skill sets. Since then, we would regularly meet to chat, build fun ideas, or undertake some other activity (e.g. fishing). The idea of starting a venture followed naturally, and here we are.

  • Vision statement: We are dreaming of a fully circular system that constructs new use out of all the unused.

  • Biggest Achievement: We are especially proud of being able to convince three experienced entrepreneurs to be our mentors. We also successfully pitched our idea and achieved the Spark Kick award which will enable our idea to take a more concrete form.

  • Next Step: Our next goal is to build the first functional version of our platform and move the first inventory through our marketplace.




With Mantra Market, we built a high-quality digital marketplace for unused materials in the plastics industry. Our partners use Mantra Market to buy and sell materials between manufacturers, giving them an operational edge and enabling a fast response to service their customers' demand.


Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production


The Team

Nasib Adriano Naimi - ETH

Max Mathys - ETH

Fabian Frey

Sebastian Bensland