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Goalden is a mobile game, guiding users through habit creation. Whether it is related to sports, health, weight loss, hobbies, music, quitting smoking or social media, you will find a program to help you gradually implement or create change in your daily life. Usually, we fail to stick to our habits on the long run due to lack of motivation, results and fun. Goalden solves these problems thanks to gamification, statistics and community support. Using the app you will be able to: set big goals; set intermediary steps; see your progress; share tips and tricks with similar goals; gain experience, points & achievements; develop your character and adopt a pet - maybe even a Goalden retriever?



Adrien Lacroix (MSc) - CEO

Sylvain Fontana - CFO

Swan Keller - Freelance


Artist & Team Member



If you are curious about trying out Goalden, subscribe on their website to be informed about the release date, beta testing and other important news! You can also contact Goalden here.

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