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  • Team forming: We have four team members from three different Swiss universities: EPFL, ETHZ and Uni Bern. We met at different points in our academic journey. After working together on different projects, we eventually decided to take the leap and form a startup team together.

  • Vision statement: We want to enable the co-existence of humans and wildlife and strengthen biodiversity.

  • Biggest Achievement: This summer, aside from winning theSpark Kick award at Talent Kick, we also secured the support of other influential organisations including EPFL, Swisscom and Venture Kick. In the summer of 2022 we conducted a field trial through which we were able to solve most of our technical hurdles, eventually being invited to present our results on national television.

  • Next Step: We are currently redefining our business model and setting up some collaborations with key organisations such as FOEN. We will be working on the necessary improvements to ensure our microphone is ready for the market soon!



Synature provides AI-based monitoring technologies for rangers. Their first product is a smart microphone that detects the howling of wolves within a 3 km radius - all in real time.


Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 14 : Life below water

  • SDG 15: Life on land


The Team

Olivier Stähli, CEO/CFO - MSc (EPFL)

Miya Ferrisse, CMO/COO - MTE (EPFL)

Adrian Jörg, Chief AI Officer - B.Sc (UNIBE)

Noah Schmid, CTO - MSc (ETH)


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