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MienV (ex: aircloud)

  • Team forming: We came as individuals and formed a complementary Team business/tech in the Talent Kick program

  • Vision Statement: We want to clean air with our AIrCloud platform

  • Biggest Achievement: finalize our ideas and test it in real business

  • Next Step: launch of the first version of our platform

  • Random Fact: We choose to a hiking when facing challenging problems and brainstorm for the solutions among the group.




Over 90% of people live in an area with bad air quality. This causes about 800’000 extra deaths a year in Europe and about 8.8 Million worldwide! With Air-Cloud we want to close the loop from air quality data to air pollution control. The missing pieces are intelligent analysis and control algorithms. We want to make our lives better NOW!


Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being - Reducing the number of deaths and illnesses from air pollution

  • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities - Reducing air pollution


Yun Cheng, Co-Founder - PhD (ETH)

“Never give up and keep on working and adapting to the new environment – this is the most important requirement of new founders.”

The first idea was sparked by my professor and I wanted to transfer the idea into a high-tech solution and a business case. In the beginning I wanted to start a company to build a profitable business. At Talent Kick I realized that I need to discover my inner motivations more in-depth. I understood that really what I wanted to do was to make the environment more friendly for my friends and family. Entrepreneurship is a possibility to bring my ideas out into the world as fast and big as possible. It was very important for me to realize what really motivates me and that I wanted do something great that benefits the social good.

When I heard other founders talk about their experiences of how they transferred their ideas into real products it gave me the feeling that I am closer to succeeding than I thought. During exchanges with the other cohort members at Talent Kick I gained so much new knowledge that helped me implement my idea. I found great co-founders as well as a mentor that was willing to support us. The coaching sessions helped me to shift into a leadership role and understand that I need to become a person that others believe to be the right person to follow.

Talent Kick is one of the main reasons that I am where I am today. As a “deadline-person”, having the friendly push from Talent Kick to transfer my ideas into reality motivated me a lot. While I am naturally a rather shy person the cohort and the Talent Kick team helped me to become more comfortable connecting with new people. I also learned a lot of valuable lessons at the Bootcamps, such as how to pitch my idea. Talent Kick made me feel that we could succeed and when we received the Spark Kick it confirmed that others believe in what we do and we should continue on our path!

We are now designing and implementing our first version of AIrCloud, the platform will be tested with our customers in real deployment. If you are interested in our approaches and want to contribute to clean the air quality we breathe, feel free to contact us or even join us!


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