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  • Team forming: Combining our love of tech, engineering, design, and business, we came together as friends and were able not only to form a strong entrepreneurial team but also to deepen our relationship on a friendship level.

  • Vision statement: All of us in our team have already gained experience as entrepreneurs in the past, but we were all looking for a project that would challenge ourselves and at the same time have a positive impact on our sustainability footprint. We are very happy to have found this with Even.

  • Biggest Achievement: Despite several changes of plans, we were able to finish the first prototype of our app.

  • Next Step: Launch our customer acquisition channels, revamp our software, and execute a growth channel that will sky rocket our business

  • Random Fact: We all eat tacos on Wednesday, and wedges on Tuesdays!



even – The digital Coach for better eating habits. People have the right intentions but find it difficult to turn them into habits. We focus on the best aspects of category leading apps and integrate them for quick impact. We are pioneering habit change with gamification!


Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

  • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

  • SDG 13: Climate Action


Mohammed Khouni, Co-Founder - MSc (ETH)

“It is so important to have people gathered around you that go through the exact same process.”

When I came to Zurich, I got to know two students from the engineering field who both wanted to build their own startup. We were often talking about various ideas on how we could find a product. Staying all night at the university, I started building the software for our product idea that would measure all trash cans around the city. This was my first experience of getting in touch with entrepreneurship. Our whole group started to be more and more excited about becoming entrepreneurs. Years later, I met my two current cofounders. When I joined Talent Kick, we had a bare idea on what our vision for a product would be. However, we wanted to solidify our idea further.

Throughout my time so far at Talent Kick I learned not only a lot about entrepreneurship, but also about myself. The coaching sessions helped me to make a tremendous step in my personal development. I had to start being more consistent and efficient in making decisions. In the end, we as a team managed to develop a clear idea that we would want to pursue. Even within our team, we went through a lot of changes. We went through all the stages of forming and storming. Being part of the Talent Kick program put enough pressure on us to keep going with our idea. When winning the Spark Kick award, it was an amazing feeling for all of us as it showed how far we have come.

I would recommend anyone to join Talent Kick. Going through the whole process with such an amazing cohort was extremely valuable to me. A rewarding experience to say the least. It was so exciting to see my team and myself grow so much during the entrepreneurial path over the last months. Talent Kick is such a great place to start and discover. You get to learn all the unspoken details that prepare you for what’s to come. The entrepreneurial world has so much to give in so many forms and on the way, I built so many great relationships that I will carry with me along the way.

Now onto this new phase in the program, we will be starting with beta testing our mobile application with a wider audience to gather feedback and make way for a full launch later this year. If you are interested in building sustainable habits in your life, make sure to check out and keep posted for the release.

Next to our product development, we are also eager to approach industry stakeholders who wish to make a positive climate, societal and health impact without disturbing their business. Therefore, if you have the possibility to spread the word and point people in our direction, please get in touch!


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