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FeedForward Technology

  • Team forming: We came as individuals and formed a complementary business/tech team in the Talent Kick program

  • Vision statement: With FeedForward Technology we provide companies with the tool to leverage the wealth of their customer feedback

  • Biggest Achievement: Getting our first interested customer / partner in building a prototype

  • Next Step: Build a prototype

  • Random Fact: So far, we never had meetings in person, always through a video call


Linkedin Eva and Philipp


There is too much feedback out there from so many different sources. We want to create an intelligent platform to aggregate all this feedback in one place and provide further value by an automated analysis of the feedback. This helps companies to increase their customer experience and as a result increase their revenue.


Eva Schnider, Co-Founder FeedForward Technology (TKS21)

“I was so surprised about how amazing and inspiring the start-up environment was - I have experienced so much cooperation throughout my journey to entrepreneurship.”

Before joining Talent Kick, entrepreneurship was something that I was extremely curious but also a bit anxious about. I had so many preconceived ideas about how it was to become a founder that I finally wanted to experience it. I came into Talent Kick without an idea or preformed team. I talked to a lot of the cohort members and found a great match with Philipp. We realized that there is still a lot of potential in the aggregation of customer feedback and decided to look for a solution to this problem.

Within just one semester I had a very high learning curve. I got a glimpse into a new world and was already able to find a team and present and pitch our idea to a wide range of people. The coaching was very helpful in pushing me out of my comfort zone. Especially when it came to reaching out to new people to conduct research with potential customers, I really felt a difference. I could see that entrepreneurship has many challenging but also fun sides and met kind and inspiring people along the way. All the steps we took throughout Talent Kick gradually increased my knowledge and as a result also my confidence. I’ll take many valuable lessons with me from the Talent Kick program that will hopefully stick with me for a long time.

Talent Kick changed my relationship to entrepreneurship. At first, I was hesitant to even apply to the program. Yet, when I entered this new world, I experienced such a positive environment! No one expected me to have the perfect idea from the beginning. Everyone was so cooperative and wanted me to grow as a person. The Bootcamps always provided a very nice environment and I felt supported by the whole cohort. After having spent quite some time in academia, Talent Kick provided a fantastic idea to explore a different career path in entrepreneurship.


Philipp Niggli, Co-Founder FeedForward (TKS21)

“I have lost the fear of the unexpected - I have a spark in me that makes me want to achieve more.”

“Find a problem or an idea that you are interested in - one that you will stick with for a long time.”

I have been interested in entrepreneurship since my bachelor. I got in contact with Start-up at HSG and took part in an entrepreneurship course which made me realize that this is a path that I very much want to consider for my future. I then moved to the ETH to do my master. When I received the mail for the application for Talent Kick, I knew that this was a chance that I had to take.

I came into Talent Kick without a team, nor an idea. I managed to find a great co-founder with Eva. We have a very different skillset which makes us a great interdisciplinary team. She is more focused on the technical side, whereas my strengths lie in the business part. At Talent Kick, within a very short amount of time, we found a great problem that we both wanted to solve, convinced a mentor to support us and did lots of research on our solution. I have now a much clearer view on what our product should be like and how it can be suitable for the market. We received so much feedback on our idea, which was extremely helpful. I also grew a lot personally throughout this time as a result of the 1-on-1 coaching sessions. They were extremely interesting, because we had time to reflect and see ourselves from a different perspective.

Talent Kick is so unique because of the great combination of different elements. Firstly, you can be part of the program during your studies. Additionally, it is a great experience to have a personal coach and such a great network of experienced entrepreneurs. I used to have a fear of the unexpected. Being part of the Talent Kick program sparked my interested and motivation to such an extent that I wanted to nevertheless keep going on my entrepreneurial path. I became even more interested in entrepreneurship and feel now so much more confident about it.

Call for action: We are looking for potential and interested customers, who want to get more out of their customer feedback by building a prototype with us.


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