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  • Team forming: We came in as individuals and came out as a team with an aligned vision and goals for the company

  • Vision statement: Enabling physicians to focus on the patients and improve care quality.

  • Biggest Achievement: Starting from nothing to having an initial investment.

  • Next Step: Finding the right product-market fit, by speaking to numerous potential users in the U.S.

  • Random Fact: Claudio found our company name on a baby names website.




Physicians spend too much time on administrative work. Our goal is to enable doctors to focus on patients again and improve the quality of patient care. That is why we are developing a software solution that listens to the conversations between doctors and patients and automatically structures them into electronic health records.


Sustainable Development Goals

  • SDG 3 : Good Health and Well-Being

  • SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Alina Dubatovka, Co-Founder aitama (TKS21)

“If you never try, you’ll never know.”

I am the one of our team who never considered entrepreneurship. Having worked in research and industry, I used to believe that entrepreneurship was not something for me. But then I got into Talent Kick and entrepreneurship became an exciting new opportunity.

In Talent Kick I met a lot of people that were completely different from the ones I used to work with. Initially, we had to build a team and I was not used to simply approaching people. However, I knew that I needed to step outside of my comfort zone. When talking to Severin and Claudio I realized that there are more people interested in making an impact in the area of healthcare. Teaming up with them was easier than expected and with time we found an interesting problem to focus on.

Talent Kick introduced me to a very different world. It was such a good decision to sign up for the program as I met many amazing people with different backgrounds. I am still not the person who loves to reach out to people, but that is exactly why it helps to have such an interdisciplinary team and amazing co-founders on your side.

At this stage, we are exploring natural language processing methods to best address our users’ needs. Are you working, researching, or generally interested in NLP and medical software? We are looking forward to chatting!


Claudio Fanconi, Co-Founder aitama (TKS21)

“One of the biggest benefits of Talent Kick is that it encourages you to just do it."

I became interested in entrepreneurship early in my studies because I saw incredible potential in the things we were learning. When I joined Talent Kick program, I had no idea what to expect. Entrepreneurship programs are usually for people who already have a product and a team. But I did not have a product, nor a team.

In my first semester, I met my two awesome co-founders who were also interested in the same problems I wanted to solve. It’s great that we complemented each other in terms of our skills and personalities. We each have our own strengths and make a difference on our team!

Talent Kick showed me that I do not have to have the perfect idea before I can put a team together. The incredible cohort has motivated me to grow and take risks. Before I participated in Talent Kick, I thought I would just continue my studies and think about potential startups after my Master's. The program gave me the incentive and guidance to gain hands-on experience to pursue my own vision. I believe while studying is the best time to gain your first practical entrepreneurial experience because you have nothing to lose!

Currently, we are trying to find the right product-market fit for doctors, especially in the United States. Subsequently, we will begin to develop our prototype. If you know a friend or relative who could benefit from our solution, we are happy to hear from you!


Severin Husmann, Co-Founder aitama (TKS21)

“Seeing my co-founders Alina and Claudio super excited, made me feel great and energized.”

I have been dreaming about founding a company for a while. This ambition grew during my business bachelor’s as well as during internships. It was also a reason for my decision to start a master’s in AI and come to ETH. I wanted to find like-minded people that were as excited as I am to explore entrepreneurship in the applied AI area. Joining Talent Kick helped me bring this dream into reality.

When Talent Kick started, we soon received the deadline for the first milestone to form a team and together write a founders’ agreement. From talking to other cohort members, Alina, Claudio, and I quickly realized that we click super well thanks to our similar sense of humor as well as the aligned personal values, vision, and goals for our company. Together we managed to form a very motivated, productive, and thriving team for our entrepreneurial path.

Thanks to Talent Kick, I had the opportunity to get together with two incredibly inspiring people to form such an amazing and complementary team. We all bring in our strengths and unique experiences. One semester ago, I would have never imagined being at the place where I am now. Having the clear milestones of the program in mind pushed us to quickly make progress.

Currently, we are talking to potential users in the US. Over the course of the next year, we aim to build an MVP and raise first funding. Interested in the US healthcare system, NLP, or simply want to chat? Just reach out on LinkedIn!


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